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Troy White
A graduate of the University in Georgia "Berry College" and with a Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University, White writes that "my interest in the art of aviation began as doodles in the margins of my notebooks in school and then in the 1970s began to take shape in my paintings and sculptures ... " Whites first solo exhibition composed entirely of paintings and sculptures of aviation was in 1978. His art is familiar to readers of numerous aviation publications and Troy has two books, the first entitled Kidd Hofer-The last of the Screwball Aces which has almost sold out its first edition and November 2012 saw the publication of his second book, Gold Star Aces. Troy Whites paintings hang in public, corporate and private collections worldwide and his work has been exhibited at dozens of art museums and galleries around the globe. His "Out of the Blue" show tour of Australia in 2006-07 was sponsored by Rolls Royce Aviation, Qantas and Fosters. In the words of Troy ... "The themes of most of my paintings are inspired by a lifelong interest in aviation in general. I like painting all types of aircraft and their pilots, but I confess an affinity for historic aircraft, especially from the Second World War. I like to use bright colors and large canvases and focusing on portraying more radical angles and flight maneuvers. As a pilot and parachutist I like to stretch beyond the flat and level world express the dynamic passion and freedom of the limitless sky. I strive to add an element of tension to each piece and draw the viewer to experience the feeling of flying through my art. His new rotational series has received wide acclaim "Whites new rotational series with its use of multiple perspectives has secured his place among the stars of his genre. New Art International Troy White instills a sense of drama and the unusual in his paintings, portraying intense moments of flight. His innate ability to convey tension and anticipation, while playing with the viewer's perspective and maintaining the accuracy and clarity in its composition raises his work to the fine art category. Contact: